Thursday, October 26, 2006

Winnie goes to the doctor

Seems like everything around me wants to break lately. The car went to the car doctor yesterday, and Winnie Bear went to the vet today. She needed her booster shot for her Lymes vaccine, but I also wanted the vet to check out her coughing. It hasn't gotten any worse over two weeks, but it hasn't gotten any better either. It was making me a little nervous because coughing can be a sign of heart disease or lung disease or any number of things. The vet said her lungs and heart sound just fine, so she probably just has a little doggy virus that needs to run its course. I was really proud of Win- last time we went to the vet (about four weeks ago), she was really skittish and didn't want to have anything to do with her vet or any of the techs. Today, she was still nervous, but she greeted everyone she met, and didn't even flinch for her shot (she was a big baby last time, and had to get muzzled for trying to bite the vet). She even took treats from two different people, which she never does! I have been giving her a couple flower essences (Rescue Remedy and Borage) to try to take the edge off of her anxiety in new places and when she's alone. Either they are helping, or she's just learning to be a more confident dog. Whatever works!

In anatomy lab today, we dissected the eye... kinda creepy, but really really cool. So intricate. I can see why people believe in creationism based on how complex the eye is- how could nature come up with that design?? But then I remember Prof. Swift and everything he taught me about invertebrates... nature just took it one little step at a time (starting with planarians, and their cute little light-receptive eye spots... awwww)

I can't believe we only have one more lab day with the dogs and cats. Then it's on to horses, cows, and perhaps a pig, goat, or sheep, depending on what they have for cadavers. I've heard from upperclassmen that the large animal dissection is a ton of fun. We'll see...

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