Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Tonight was "art career night" at Olaf and Pete and Jane Becker-Nelson showed up to talk about their life. I missed the talk, but after we all went out to the cow for a drink and some talking. It was really fun, Wendell Arneson was there along with more of the speakers and most of the aprenti. And Winnie got to come too! The cow lets dogs in as long as they behave and Winnie was on her best behavior. She was a little nervous so she stayed in my lap most of the time. But she greeted people as they showed up and was her cute self.

Talking was good. Pete and Jane (apprentices two years ago) said that they didn't make any work for months, it was harder than they expected, not what they expected, and a whole host of emotions that we all have been feeling. Why is work not just sprouting from our fingertips? How come my studio still looks like I just moved in? Being in this place and in this position is interesting and has its own challenges. I will have to write more about it as time goes on.

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